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State of the art drug testing services include:
  • DOT Drug Testing
  • Non DOT General workforce Testing
  • Medical Review Officers (MRO)
  • Urinalysis Testing
  • Alcohol Testing
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  • Personal Testing
  • Hair Follicle Testing
  • Consortium Company Random Selection Pool
  • TX Dept of Licensing and Complaint Drug Policies
  • CPS/DWI/Court Ordered Testing
Mobile Drug Testing Group, LLC. enlists the services of several Medical Review Officers (MRO) that are licensed and accredited through MRO-cc. 

Mobile Drug Testing Group, LLC. MRO’s are qualified to perform federal and private sector review of drug screen results. A drug specific interview will take place with each positive tested employee or applicant to ensure that prescribed medication has not triggered a positive test result
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Why offer employment testing?

Positive Aspects

· hire better employees
· insure productive workforce
· insurance discounts
· improve employee morale
· offer safer workplace

Administrative Losses

· reduce absenteeism-sick leave abuse
· reduce tardiness
· reduce overtime pay
· reduce turnover
· reduce health insurance claims
· reduce disability payments
· reduce accident costs
· reduce liability from negligent hiring practices
· reduce liability when no formal Drug-Free Workplace policy exists

Drug testing is simply a good business practice.

Based on a study conducted by the Institute for Health Policy, persons with substance abuse habits are:
10X more likely to miss work
3X more likely to have an accident
33% less productive on the job
5X more likely to file a worker´s compensation claim

71% of illegal drug users are employed. Workplace drug testing can be a very effective way to battle this situation.

Mobile Drug Testing Group, LLC. can set up a testing program for you.
Drug Testing and Alcohol Testing Dallas, Texas
Hidden Losses

· diverted supervisory time
· friction among workers
· material waste
· equipment damage
· poor decision making
· damage to company image
· turnover cost

Losses with Legal Implications

· worker´s compensation
· on the job drug trafficking
· disciplinary actions
· threats to public safety
· worksite security